Dr. Brandon Nielsen Presents
Awaken The Healer Within... 
 Holistic Family LIVE 2020
September 17-19, 2020  In Salt Lake City, Utah
Where It All Began
Join Us On Our Journey Through The AMAZING History Of Dr. Brandon Nielsen and Holistic Family Live
Should I Take My Daughter To The Emergency Room?
My Sweet Little Daughter's Lips And Face Were Turning Blue!!!
My daughter Audrey Kate was getting no oxygen! Her face and lips started turning blue!

I started to panic! I was freaking out and scared out of my mind! Was I going to lose my sweet little angel? 

In that moment I yelled out to my wife I've got to take her to the E.R.! 

And then... 

As I weighed the odds I had a divinely overwhelming feeling, "Stop"! 

I listened and I felt this, "You've got this.  

Don't take her to the E.R. You can get through this." 

In that crazy moment of struggle and a thousand outcomes going wrong... 

I had a feeling of peace that everything was going to be all right. 

The answer was NOT to take her through the regular mainstream medicine mania!

My sweet little 2 year old had RSV. Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It's basically like having asthma both ways where you can't breathe in or out and your lungs are on fire and start shutting down like pneumonia....   

Pretty much - NO OXYGEN!!! 

We had just come back from Hawaii 2 days earlier.   

I failed to let her young body acclimate to the bitter January cold here in Utah before I took her out sledding all day. By that night she had a little runny nose and very little fever. 

I didn't think too much of it and figured it would take care of itself. 

The next day she had a raging fever and could barely breathe.   

After trying to open her airways with full strength oregano oil topically on her back... 

is when she started turning blue.  She was panicking.  I was panicking!  The undiluted oregano oil was burning. 

She was trying to suck in more air, but her little lungs wouldn't allow enough oxygen in our out.  

Tears streamed from her fearful eyes and her little angel soft cheeks as her lips went from red to blue.  

I immediately got the oregano oil wiped off and diluted.  I had to sternly calm her down before she passed out.  

It was crazy!!!

Finally what seemed like forever... I was able to get her to listen, trust, and settle herself from choking and gasping to calm shallow breathing.  Wow - that was intensely difficult.

I Consulted With My Holistic Medical Doctor Friend

My first of many sleepless nights began...

That night I pulled a mattress into Audrey's room and consistently monitored her breathing throughout the night...

The next day I consulted with my medical doctor friend, Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones. (https://alpineclinic.net/about.html) 

She explained to me exactly what mainstream medicine would have done if we would have taken my daughter to the e.r.

They would put her on oxygen, steroids, and an i.v. for hydration, and they would give her some ibuprofen or tylenol

until her body was able to maintain her own oxygen levels without any assistance from a machine.

She might be there for 2 weeks or possibly longer...?

I realized, they weren't going to give her anything to build her immune system! 

They wouldn't give her anything to fight the virus! (Antibiotics are for bacterial infections).

They weren't going to give her anything to strengthen her lungs to prevent future infections. 

Mainstream medicine was limited, not me!
Around the 1940's medicine was standardized and they lost the ability to treat viruses appropriately.

So... What were we going to do?

What would you do if faced with this situation? 

I was still a young doctor and had not managed this severe of a lung case. 

After checking her oxygen levels at my clinic I knew it was imperative that we immediately get my sweet girl on oxygen!!!

Fortunately my brother, Dr. Jared Nielsen, had an oxygen concentrator at his clinic in Park City, Utah. (www.thenielsenclinic.com) 

He offered to let us use it when not in use with their hyperbaric machines.

Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones

Dr. Jared Nielsen

Oxygen and Natural Remedies

We rushed my daughter up to my brother's clinic. We put her on oxygen immediately and monitored her breathing. 
We had several rules with her and she was such a doll in following through. 

1. She had to wear her oxygen mask, which she hated at first.

2. Every time she coughed she had to take a drink.

3. She had to take all of the gross tinctures and natural medicines we gave to her when we gave them to her. (She really didn't mind at all, because she had been taking natural medicine since infancy)

We were doing everything!


Herbal Tinctures

Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins

Essential Oils

Foot zoning, chiropractic, and massage and anything and everything to help her get well and she was still raging with fever and sickness.

Thankfully her oxygen levels were normal as long as she kept her mask on.

My kind brother and his wife invited us to stay with them while we doctored our daughter through this.  

We took the oxygen machine to my brother's house to stay the night.

It was an awful sleepless night...

My daughter was coughing all night with horrible pain in her head and body, and intense burning lungs.

My wife and I would take shifts.  It was so difficult to sleep with so much worry.

Night after night of fevers that wouldn't come down.  

Night after night of coughing that kept us all up.

Night after sleepless night.

Would this ever end?

The Calling of Doctor

The fever broke

It felt like we were tied to a moving train. If we tried to rest too much the moving train would drag us to road rash and burn.  

We couldn't stop the marathon.  The train kept going... We had to keep going.  Was there an end to this?

After 5 days of sleepless nights - Audrey's fever finally broke!!! Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah.  Thank Thee Father.  Her fever broke!  And her frail body started to fight back by producing more and more oxygen on its own!   

Then finally after 6 painful days our Little Audrey Kate was able to maintain her own oxygen levels without the aid of a machine.

I can't say precisely when it happened, because the whole week was a blur.  

But I think it was the third night when I was up with my Little Audrey and I had this very strong impression - like an AWAKENING!   The message was like this:

"You need to teach families how to get through sicknesses like this and that there is a natural safe way to treat disease. You are supposed to teach families how to take care of themselves holistically."  

The next morning I thought about what I was supposed to teach.  

Again I felt that I needed to provide families with a more excellent way to health besides drugs and surgery.

I told my wife what I had heard, but to be honest I didn't really know...
How, Who, And What Am I Supposed To Teach
Things thankfully went back to normal for us.

Audrey was back to her joyful bigger than life self.  Jalene was full time amazing mom and I went back to work in my practice.  

I thought a lot about this mission of teaching families.  

I started thinking and researching what to teach.  

My main focus was to copy what I was doing for my patients in the clinic, but in a simple form.

There was and is a very fine balance of simplification.  

If you simplify too much you lose the power and benefits of a particular procedure.  

I had to keep the power of the product or procedure, but simplify and clarify for ease and duplicability.

Powerful enough for the doctor, yet simple enough for mom.

And that's exactly what I did! But, I didn't know how to teach these things I had learned.  I mean really, who was I to teach this to?

I didn't know.  So I didn't do anything.  I just kept seeing patients day after day thinking I was doing my part. 

The funny thing is I remember I kept trying to get other doctors to teach.  I would tell my brother he should teach.  I would recommend to his mentor Dr. Kris Peterson he should teach.

But, I must have been scared because I wasn't actively looking to teach anybody anytime soon. 

The Reminder

The reminder came on the 4th of July.  We now had another daughter named Ella.

Ella was almost a year old.

Both Ella and Audrey became very very sick. 

Just days before they had gone swimming at a public pool in Salt Lake City.

What a memorable 4th of July filled with Vomit and Diarrhea.  

There were bodily fluid fireworks exploding all over the place that year!

I started counting and Audrey threw up at least 11 times just during the day...

Not to mention that night and the next days.  Baby Ella the same.  She couldn't keep things down and she couldn't keep things in.  

We were away from our house up in the mountains so we did all that we could do to keep them hydrated and put them on the limited remedies we had available.

We ended our stay short and went home to take care of our kiddos.

The sickness didn't stop for days.

I remember getting to the point where I was concerned for Baby Ella.  There was just too much going out of her.  We persevered and kept giving both girls fluids, homeopathy, and other natural remedies.

Once again I was humbled and reminded that I needed to teach families what I was doing to help my sweet little girls get well through natural remedies.

And every time after that when my kids were severely ill I was reminded it was time to teach families the methods I had learned to truly AWAKEN THE HEALER WITHIN.

This is what I figured out:  My mission or purpose as a doctor was this:  Restoring Family Health through educating, empowering, and enlightening - Mom, Dad, and The Rising Generations.  

And then after the reminder was received... both girls once again came to full balance and health.  Hmmm... I got the message.

It is interesting to think that the word doctor comes from the Latin word docēre, which means - to teach. 

And just so you know I'm not a slacker over the past years since coming back from Hawaii, I have taught 6 big seminars of at least 2 days, over 40 night classes, and over 100 videos.  

But now I am about to do something I have been wanting to do for several years....   Are you ready for Holistic Family Live?

From: Dr. Brandon Nielsen
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Holistic Family - (Holisticans),

Did you know that you can treat all disease naturally and get the same or even better results than drugs without all of the harmful side effects?  

See, I have been conducting my own survey throughout the years and every mom I have asked this question to always gives the very same answer.  100% of the time I get the same answer.  

Here is the question: "If you could give your family and/or yourself something natural, without harmful side effects, in the place of a drug, would you do it?"

The answer has always been the same... YES!  And the follow up response is this... is there really something like that?  

We all want to take care of disease naturally, but the majority of families have been programmed into thinking that only mainstream medicine has the answers.

Did you catch that?

And just so you know... Essential Oils are not enough.  I have been using them since 1985 and we continue to use them in our family currently, but I know as well as you do - sometimes they don't get the job done!

They are a great building blocks, but they are not enough for the sickness and diseases that are coming to mother earth now.

It would kind of be like trying to paint your finger nails with your toothbrush.  They are both great tools and they are both brushes, but the toothbrush is limited because of its course bristles.  You must use a fine brush for painting nails.  And along that metaphor... you wouldn't try to put make up on with your toothbrush either.  

So why are you trying to heal every condition with Essential Oils?  The new way is Homeopathy, Emotional Stress Release, Muscle Testing, Microbiome Restructuring and the customized approach to your health.
But the bigger question here is... WHY?  

Why are we still relying so heavily upon modern mainstream medicine?  

Programming!  You have been programmed before you were ever born.  

So, at HFL, we are going to help you unlearn and reprogram your thoughts and practices of health, wealth and the way you do relationships.  You’ll learn the steps to get from where you are right now, to the NEXT level. 
No matter where you’re at in your healing journey...

It only works if you are here with me.  I recommend in person.  


The Life You Want, The Marriage You Want... The Family That You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled By Educating, Empowering, and Enlightening - YOU!

Thursday, September 17th - Morning

Registration Day - 9am - 11am


Registration will be from 9am - 11am just outside of the entry doors. 

(If you part of the VIP group, don't forget you are invited to the Holisticans VIP party the night before, Wednesday with Dr. Nielsen).

If you are coming from out of state/country plan to arrive in the afternoon on Wednesday so that you have plenty of time to get settled in and get registered on Thursday morning.

You do NOT want to get stuck or delayed at an airport on Thursday morning and miss out on the first sessions they are going to be sensational!

Thursday, Sept. 17th - Opening Session

The Party Officially Begins - Doors open at 11:21am

This Is Not Like Any Other Event

Unlike other events about nutrition, holistic, or natural medicine, you won’t be sitting in some boring, stuffy conference…

And it’s not one big sales event - where every speaker is trying to sell to you and take you down 10 completely different, and contradicting paths. (Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?)

At HFL, something special happens before our doors ever OPEN…

You’ll feel the anticipation and excitement coursing throughout your body building, as the music sets the tone...

Our team will be there to open the doors and greet you with high-fives for everyone as you rush through the door to claim the best seat!

And then the moment when Dr. Brandon Nielsen walks in, you'll realize HFL was never just an event it was a life changing experience that you better journal about or document.  It will be memorable beyond any conference you have attended.

Lori Frandsen

How To Implement Homeopathy Into Every Day Family Life

Have you ever wondered what we did before we had prescription drugs...

...pharmacies on every corner, and access to a medical doctor by an app on your phone?  

You have probably seen an old movie where the child is deathly ill and the mom or dad has been caring for the sick child for the past several days...

and then they send Lassie the dog or a small boy to go and get the doctor.  

That was the worst case scenario.  

What did all those families do without a doctor?  

Up until the 1940's all medical schools in the U.S. were teaching natural techniques to aid the body in healing - herbal tinctures, diet and lifestyle, and...


What the pathy... What is Homeopathy?  

The 2nd Largest Medicine Distribution practiced in the World

Used by the Royal Family.  No wonder why The Queen is still so vibrantly alive!

No side effects - You heard me right.  A small child cannot overdose on this natural medicine... ever.

It allows your body to do the healing

It is so easy to learn that it is the medicine that every single family in the world should be using.

Lori will explain all of the important details about homeopathy and how you can start using it right away without the worry of killer side effects.

She is a real mom with 5 kids and is an activist for Homeopathy.  Her most recent trip to Washington D.C. was to help ensure that you and I can still use Homeopathy without it being taken away by you know who.

Annette Harkness

Creating Your Own Probiotics Through Fermentation

Have You Heard All The Buzz About Probiotics?

What are probiotics anyway and is your gut health really that important?

You've probably seen all the commercials on yogurt... touting their active cultures of probiotics.  The only problem - lot's of sugar and dairy.

So, what if you could create your own probiotics?  I'm not talking Kefir.  

We do know that each vegetable and fruit has it's own type of bacteria..

... therefore variety is key, but how can you simply do this at home?

Fermentation to create healthy bacteria.

Wait what, there are good bacteria in food?

Besides your gut, there are good bacteria in your lungs and on your skin and in your mouth?  Mind Blown!

How much bacteria is in us and on us?  Is this safe?  

I thought bacteria was bad?

The simple method to creating natural and safe probiotics at home.

Fermentation Preservation Detoxification

You have got to see this presentation.  Maybe you might just go home with a recipe or two.

Annette has over 30 years of experience as a pharmacist and knows both the world of drugs and natural medicine.

In this session she will not only talk, but demonstrate on stage how to create your own fermented vegetables.  

Roy Palmer - Water Bender

Water - H20 - The Wet Stuff - Why You Need It, Why It Needs To Be Purified, And How To Purify It Properly.

After 40 years of water quality expertise Roy knows a few things about water.  

As a microbiologist and head chemist for the city of Boise, Idaho water company he ran over 50,000 purity tests.

Most of us never really think...

...is that water coming from my tap or plastic bottle safe to drink?

What about plastic and water?

Should I drink from glass or metal?

How should I purify my water?

Should I purify all of my water?

Is chlorine bad?

It's interesting to think that 70-90% of our body is water.  Every cell has water in it and without it you die.  But as important as water is, we don't give it much thought.  

Roy will teach about these important questions and topics and help you understand how you can have healthy fresh water in your home!

Friday and Saturday, September 18-19th - Health, Wealth, Relationships

The Party of Learning Continues

Dr. Jeff Knight 

Detoxing After Vaccines.

This is not about should you get vaccines or not vaccines.  

Whether you are for vaccines or against them let's just imagine that...

ou got the vaccines, now what?

Can you detox from the effects of vaccines?

Sometimes getting vaccinated is a requirement that you can’t decline, but what if there was something you could do to help your body handle it better? 
Dr. Knight specializes in helping individuals tap into their natural ability to heal themselves.  

His multi-therapeutic approach includes functional medicine, functional neurology, muscle activation, brain and cellular detox, chiropractic, and functional movement. 

He has a strong passion for serving children with autism and vaccine damaged kids.

Tammie Williams

What Are You Going To Do When The Power Goes Out For Good?  

Great question isn't it?  I know, I can't say that I came up with it myself, but what I do know is that you have got to be prepared... and self reliant.

What will you do when the power goes out for good?

How will you eat... or will you starve?

Are you confident you could survive?

Do you know how to make your own medicinal remedies from nature?

Do you know how to cook on a fireplace or even in a brick oven?

What about gardening and raising your own food?
Tammie grew up without electricity and running water. She was raised in very primitive circumstances and still incorporates living off the land, healthy cooking, and creating her own medicinal remedies today.

She is right in the middle of raising her 10 kids and she is a do-it-all type of woman.

Tammie has been making her own homeopathic and herbal remedies for decades.  For she and her family - doctors are a last resort.
Kristine Ballantyne

Protecting Our Children and Youth - Social Media and Propaganda Programming

We have to protect the rising generation!!!  But, what is it that we are trying to protect them from?  

There are more threats to our sweet innocent children through what they see and how they perceive themselves than ever before...

the culprit... Could it be social media?

 Why are so many children and youth turning to suicide as a way out?  

What happened to kids and youth interacting with one another without an electronic device?  

Is Social Media bad for kids and youth?

Should they have a smart-phone?

What does social media do to our biochemistry and is it healthy for an undeveloped brain?

Kristine is so passionate about protecting the rising generation from the mainstream media and social media that is causing a crisis among teens.  

Fun, full of life and optimistic about the future of our future leaders.

McKenzie Naylor 

Modern medicine wants you to believe that you cannot cure a sick child at home with natural remedies. 
At the root of mainstream medicine is force and fear.  Doctors fear being sued and the general public fears getting disease.  In order to calm their fears they force you into believing there are no other options except drugs and surgery.  

Unfortunately that fear is passed from doctors to moms in pushing or manipulating them into what the doctor was taught in school or by the big pharma and insurance companies.  They become limited in their fear.

What do moms and dads have more than any medical doctor attending to your child?  You have more Love and Understanding for your own. 

You would do anything and everything for your child to be healthy and happy, 
But are you educated enough in holistic medicine... 

...to choose for yourself or do you rely upon what you have been programmed to do... (drugs and surgery)? 

Have you ever had kids that were very sick and felt that fear that you needed to take them to the hospital?

Have you felt so discouraged, because you didn’t see results as fast as you hoped for with natural remedies?

What about the crazy sicknesses like the 100 day cough or measles?
McKenzie is a holistic mom that was raised to believe in natural remedies and to have the courage to take care of sickness at home. 

She will be sharing some of her experience with home remedies and how to have the faith and determination it takes to cure sickness and disease at home. 

Jalene Nielsen

Gluten Free - Why Would Anyone Ever Want To Avoid Wheat?

Would anybody really want to go to all the trouble of avoiding wheat?  

I know if we could eat it we would, but considering the synthetic nature of modern wheat it should make anyone think twice about eating wheat ever again.  

I remember when we were in Hawaii and there was this guy passing out coupons on the street corner for a restaurant.  My wife asked him, "Do you have any gluten free options?"  The very uneducated man said, "They've proven that it isn't true.  There's no such thing as gluten sensitivity."  

It is so funny how everyone believes they are an expert these days, because they have read a few articles on the internet.  

In the case of gluten free...

... the corner coupon peddler had no idea what he was talking about.  

Why is gluten becoming the most common protein to avoid along with whey and cassein?

How has gluten changed from the once 14 chromosome Einkorn in ancient days?

What happens when you hybridize wheat?

I thought it said that wheat is for man and supposed to be the staff of life... is that not true?

What are the side effects from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity?

I will tell you just a little bit about our story.  We couldn't get pregnant for 2 years.  I had put Jalene on all the right supplements.  I had even had other doctors try to figure out why we couldn't get pregnant.  

It wasn't until my wife was diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity by my brother Dr. Jared Nielsen that almost immediately we were able to conceive our first daughter. 

We thought we were cured.  After my wife stopped nursing our daughter, she and I started eating gluten again.  

Once again, we couldn't get pregnant.  

We had to go off of gluten again to conceive!

This time for good.  

Once again almost immediately we were able to conceive our second child.  

Some people have jokingly suggested that we now use it for birth control, but the damaging costs to our bodies and brain are too expensive knowing what I now know.  

This will be an eye opener and look into the real damages of gluten.  

Christian Cook

U.S. Marine Corp - Learning Self Defense And How To Protect Your Home

Have you ever noticed how marines aren't afraid of anything?  At least it seems that way to me.  They are tough, but there is such a brotherhood among marines.  You can count on a marine and they are a family... or corp.

They are expected to be the best both on land and in the water.  I asked my friend Christian if he likes being a soldier, he politely corrected me and said, "Soldiers belong to the army... I'm a Marine."  

I thought that was so cool.  He knew who he was.  He was among a select group of trained professionals proud to be called marines.  The few... the proud... The Marines.

Considering the recent scuffles with Iran - How will you protect your family?

Are you able to stand up for yourself in a moment's notice?

Do you know the basics of self-defense?

What is the importance of being prepared?

Why do you want to understand the enemy as best as possible?

More than just being a marine Christian is a patriot, dad, and husband.  He is so excited to come and speak with you and help you understand the importance and the tactical approach to protecting your sweet family.

Thanks Again!  We're so excited to see you at the event!!!

Dr. Brandon L. Nielsen

P.S. - I almost forgot to mention...when you purchase your HFL2020 ticket, you will automatically get access to ALL future HFL2020 campaign bonuses that we drop until the event happens!
That means, the best time to get your ticket is RIGHT NOW, so you can get the most bonuses possible!

P.P.S. - Still deciding whether or not to attend HFL2020? It comes down to this...
This isn’t just about getting your family in order... this is about BECOMING who you need to be, so you can create a ripple effect of CHANGE in your own special way.

You have a God-given gift - and our goal is to help give you the strategies, tools, and mindset to turn your gift into blessing yourself and your family to ultimately be able to spread the word and help more people. Come and join us at this year's Holistic Family LIVE.
Join Dr. Brandon Nielsen, 10+ speakers, and many other AMAZING ‘holisticans’ from around the world at this year’s Holistic Family LIVE!
Holistic Family LIVE Event FAQ's...
What are the dates for "Holistic Family LIVE" 2020? 
The VIP meet and greet held with Dr. Brandon Nielsen is on September 16th from 6-9PM.  The HFL event is happening Thursday, September 17th through Saturday, September 19th, 2020 in Salt Lake City, UT.  The event registration is held Thursday September 17th from 9:00am - 11:00am.  Doors open for general seating at 11:21am.  The actual event kicks off at 12:03pm on Thursday, September 17th until 8 PM.  On Friday, September 18th the event will be held from 9AM- 6PM with a 60 - 90 minute lunch break.  Saturday, September 19th will be 9AM- 5PM with a 60 - 90 minute lunch break.

Where is the venue for the event? 
The event will be held at the Nielsen Center in Salt Lake City, Ut.
 I'm Trying To Book My Travel. What Times Do I Need To Know About?
VIP meet and greet will be on September 16th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Event registration will be on Thursday September 17th from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM. The event will start at 12:03 PM.  On Saturday, September 19th, HFL will conclude around 5:00 PM.
Fly into Salt Lake International Airport (SLC).  It's approximately 30 minutes from the event venue by car and 1 hr 19 minutes by light rail train.
 Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a successful holistic family, then this LIVE event is for you! Even though this is a family event, we don't have space for small kids.  Older kids that want to come will need their own ticket. Nursing babies are allowed. Thank you for being understanding. 
 Can I bring my spouse or a guest?
Yes of course! But, because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.
 Can I transfer my ticket if I can't come?
Yes, you can transfer your ticket. It must be done through us and a written (email) mutual agreement is established.
 Can I get a refund if I can't attend?
Refunds may be given up to 30 days prior to the event start date. 
 What should I wear?
The dress code is business casual for the event. Our meeting room will be on the cool side, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater, wrap, jacket, or coat like a parka if you are cold blooded.

 If you have any other questions?
Reach out to us... newholisticmedicine@gmail.com  or 801.800.2908   Nice people are standing by.
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